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From time to time we get asked questions about Dirtyburger and the Dirty lifestyle. While we can’t answer every question here, we’ve taken some of the most frequently asked questions and answered them here. We’re hopeful that this will shed a little more light on who we are and what we do. Of course, if you have a burning question and you don’t see the answer here, feel free to ask on your next visit, or send an email to


It’s a joint venture between 5 guys (no, not those other guys) who believe in open hearts, open minds, and open mouths. A place where the hungry can go to experience the creation of the Dirty Chef- Dirty Cooking.

What is a Dirtyburger?

It’s the result of the “best steak in the city” recipe done burger style. It consists of an 8oz all-natural hormone free 100% beef patty which is dipped in Dirty Dust, then honey-grilled to caramelized perfection. It’s then placed on a steamy-soft bun topped with DB sauce (a secret recipe garlic aioli). Many have proclaimed it “the best burger they’ve ever had”, with one customer calling it “The Ultimate Mouthgasm”.

Why Long Island?

2 of the five partners call Long Island their home. Both are very active in the community, and significant business owners here. They wanted to start close to home, and share the great food and vibe that they knew would be Dirtyburger with friends and loved ones before taking it elsewhere. And it’s still close enough to the city to get that Brooklyn state of mind, where the Dirty Chef and the fourth partner (who happens to be his High School buddy) hails from. There’s no place like home, right?